I have discovered that there will all ways be those people who will offer you an unsolicited opinion similar to 'That Really Doesn't Suit You or Your Face.' I have even had an employer tell me that 'I must be clean shaven daily'. Hypocritical, as many of my co-workers had beards and moustaches themselves. To them I simply say, "my goatee suits me Just Fine Thank you."

I have built BeardScaping, for those who seek to have the finest products on the market for their beards & moustaches at reasonable prices. I have spent a lot of time shopping around and the prices of men's grooming products seem to increase while our discretionary income remains the same. So please come in, look around and check us out. If you have a question contact me, and I will do my best to give you an honest answer. Promise.

And after many years I have come up with a simple life motto; Follow your own path, what ever it is. We all have a right to be ourselves, and to Be Happy. Live, Laugh, Love and be Joyful.

Thank you, Have an Excellent Day.

Thank you to Sam Jotham Sutharson for this picture.